Make and print a Bounce Around board game with music images

Choose the images you'd like to appear on the game board. Then, click make it.

Picture 1: Picture 2:
Picture 3: Picture 4:
Picture 5: Picture 6:
Picture 7: Picture 8:
Picture 9: Picture 10:
Picture 11: Picture 12:
Picture 13: Picture 14:
Picture 15: Picture 16:
Picture 17: Picture 18:
Picture 19: Picture 20:
Picture 21: Picture 22:

The game board should print fine on both 8x11 paper and A4, but you might need to adjust the margins before you print. At the top left of your browser, go to file and choose 'page properties'. You should see an option for margins. Reduce the margins until the game prints on one page.